You Only Live Once/Retirement

I’m so glad we did what we did when we did it!

I recently viewed a blog called YOLO which stands for You Only Live Once; what a fascinating title and so true.

I have been thinking and thinking of how to explain this concept to our friends of retirement age; it seems so many of them think they can’t retire until they have amassed a great deal of money.  Then, it seems as though they almost reach the desired amount of dollars and then one or both discover they have some condition/disease that will prevent them from ever achieving their retirement goals.

Carpe diem! (Seize the day)  My new life’s motto!  We truly never know when our last day in this lifestyle will come and as each day passes, we realize how lucky we are that we are still capable of living it.

Many years back, when we used to talk about retiring, but really had no idea what retirement would be like, my husband wanted to sell everything, buy a huge motor home and travel all the time.  That thought horrified me!  I have to have a home base was my panicked thought.  So now we have a condo that is rented out since neither one of us wants to live there (yet, anyway), a post office box in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a Canadian phone number for six months of the year and a Canadian “hotspot” for internet over the summer months, and Canadian family and friends to visit!

We travel almost constantly, from the moment we cross the border back into Canada until we start feeling the sting of winter and gratefully cross back into the U.S. on our way to Arizona.  We have spent 7 years doing this and we can honestly say that “these 7 years are the best years of our lives – so far”.