cropped-cropped-friends.jpgThis image has become the truth of our nomadic life.

 Over the past few years, both in Canada and in Arizona, we have met and become close friends with so many wonderful people.  We have friends from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, New York, Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, California and South Africa.

We met one couple on the desert who are from Alberta, and it turns out they lived 5 houses down from us in Calgary for 18 years and although we knew their children, we had never met them.  We are now traveling companions!

We met a couple from Vernon through a friend from Idaho; turns out the wife had gone all the way through school with Roy in a tiny town in southern Alberta and they hadn’t seen each other for 48 years! Neither recognized the other! Wonder why?

We have met a rocket scientist, a millionaire from Florida, a copper mine manager,  a real cowboy, many musicians, many truckers, some veterans, teachers, nurses, secretaries, bartenders, hair dressers – you name it, we know some friend who has done it.  Life has become so interesting with all of these lovely people to talk to.  My husband, Roy, has written a book on the history of the Root Family and he is really “into” recording the stories of our friends onto DVDs. People who think they’ve never done anything remotely interesting in their lives are surprised when other people are really interested in what they have done. He has done a story on a “real” cowboy, who led a life most of us can’t even imagine; also a story on an engineer from South Africa which sends chills down my spine!     It most certainly is “a small world after all!”

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